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Dwelling place, House, Home, In

The Symbol of Blessing and Creation

From a grammatical syntax perspective, the Letter Bet can function as a prefix, with the following translations: 'in', 'at', 'among', 'with', 'by means of' or 'through'. You can see this occurring in the first word of Torah, where the Bet appears as the first letter (shown above). This word is traditionally translated as 'In the beginning'. 

Bet represents two, the concept of duality. Two things joined together, one capable of being revealed and one shrouded in mystery.
Bet also reveals the concept of distinction, to be inside or outside. The House that distinguishes. Bet therefore distinguishes the first element of consciousness between inside and outside. Because Bet is the beginning of plurality, it best symbolizes the blessing of co-operative endeavor.

"The house is a place in which we are, It is the place where our essence becomes manifest" (The Rebbe - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheerson)
We are in the house so that the house can be a means of doing something; through it we can exercise our capabilities. The House is where we belong. It is the place in which our personality develops. A place in which we define ourselves physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. (Gen 35:1)

Bet also represents the level of intellect in contrast to Aleph, which represents faith.


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