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Base Three Code


Simple Meaning

Nourish, Weaned, Camel, Bridge

The Symbol of Kindness and Culmination

Gimmel provides a nourishing supply, that nurtures to maturity.

The shape of Gimmel is that of a Vav, that represents man with a Yod for it's feet in motion. The Gimmel in it's design therefore represents a man running to find those who are poorer than themselves, so that he can give them nourishment.

This is a powerful message and Gimmel presents to us the nature and character of YHVH, in nourishing us to maturity through the full supply of Bet-El, the House of El.

The number three signifies the combining of the energy of the Aleph and Bet, into a perfect third energy.This teaches us that when Aleph resides within the container of Bet, a perfect environment is provided for nurturing to maturity.

Gimmel as three also alludes to the concept that two opposing factors must be blended to form a third more perfect entity.`

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